SSH Applet

This applet enables you to access a remote UNIX host and execute command-line operations through the secure SSH protocol.

First download the jar archive at this address : and copy it to a web-enabled directory. Then create a new web page. The required HTML code is the following :
<!-- Here begins the applet code -->
        WIDTH=590 HEIGHT=360>

	<param NAME="config"             VALUE="ssh.conf">

<!-- make sure, non-java-capable browser get a message: -->
<br><b>Your Browser seems to have no <a href="">Java</a>
support. Please get a new browser or enable Java to see this applet!</b>

<!-- End of applet code -->

Here is the content of the required ssh.conf file :
# common definitions
plugins                 =       Status,Socket,SSH,Terminal
layout.Status           =       South
layout.Terminal         =       Center

Applet.disconnect       =       false

#SSH.user               =       leo
# commented out so the login window pops up
#SSH.password           =

# Socket, please change this to 22 for real usage.
Socket.port             =       22

# Terminal configuration
Terminal.foreground     =       #000000
Terminal.background     =       #ffffff
#Terminal.keyCodes      =             =       vt100

Of course, this applet does not allow you to use graphical applications. If you want to edit a file, the best alternative is to use emacs. Basic shortcuts for emacs :

The author: Olivier Elemento is a PhD candidate in Computational Biology. He can be reached at